5 Best Stores for Cheap Workout Clothes


Workout clothes are expensive. It’s crazy to think that I spend more on a top that I sweat in for an hour than I do on business clothes I wear all day. And while I used to workout in Soffe shorts I quickly learned that wasn’t practical in public (especially not for any exercise that requires bending down). Quality workout clothes are important and here are my favorite places to find affordable versions!

Old Navy

cheap workout clothes activewear old navy compression

Courtesy of Old Navy

Old Navy has some of the best deals around on activewear! They regularly have low prices, but look out for their sales which are pretty amazing. I bought most of my clothes there when I started working out and they’ve all held up and are still in great shape. These compression cropped pants are on sale now for as low as $10.97 (depending on the color).

TJ Maxx

budget workout clothes reebok cheap

Courtesy of TJ Maxx

While Old Navy definitely has quality workout clothes, TJ Maxx is the best if you want the big brands at an affordable price. This ReebokĀ tank top (with padded support) is just $16.99. In addition to your typical sportswear designers, they also offer a great selection of active gear from top fashion designers if that’s what you’re into!


cheap active wear sportswear target sports bra

Courtesy of Target

Target is a little bit more expensive than some of the other places, but you can still find some good deals if you look hard enough. For instance, this sports bra is only $6.48!


cheap sneakers affordable dsw nike

Courtesy of DSW

DSW offers good quality, affordable sneakers. But keep in mind that it varies by location. Some places have rows upon rows of sneakers and others might only have a few pairs. These Nike Revolution sneakers are just $39.94.

Thrift Shops

workout clothes biking

Courtesy of me :)

Sure, it sounds sketchy. But quality thrift and consignment shops often have never-before-worn workout clothes with the original tags still on them. If you live in NYC, my favorite is Housing Works (which is where I got the top in the above photo for $10- never used!)


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  1. Jackie says:

    Great article! TJ Max & Marshalls are my go to places for fitness clothes but I will definitely try your other sources. I enjoy your blog, keep it up!

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