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About Me



My name is Danielle and I live in NYC. I work in Marketing, but my background is in Psychology (I actually have my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling). My passions include travel, classic movies, nature, writing, fitness/health, jazz clubs, and getting the most out of life.

My Love of Travel

I started this blog as a way to document my health and fitness journey. While this is still important to me, healthy habits have become second-nature to me so I don’t think or write aboutĀ it as much. Over time, the blog has transitioned to focusing primarily on my love of travel. I still write occasionally about fitness, but usually in relation to my travels.

I went on my first solo trip just 3 years ago and I’ve been in love with backpacking ever since. At the time, I had no job and no apartment. My mom suggested I take a trip while I figure things out. When I told her I was thinking about going to Thailand, she said, “Thailand?! I meant a trip to Texas or something visiting family!” But she was too late. I spontaneously booked a tour and a week later off I went.

I had the most amazing time, and I ended up staying two extra weeks after the tour was over. I made so many friends and memories. I knew I had to go home and find a job, but I couldn’t wait to travel again.

For the next two years, I worked my butt off and found ways to take shorter trips using the little vacation time I had. However, after traveling so much, I started to realize more and more that New York was no longer the place for me. I decided to quit my job and move to San Diego. But first, I decided to take advantage of being unemployed and I took a four month trip through Southeast Asia and Africa.

I learned a lot about myself and realized that I could never be a digital nomad. I’m happy having a place to call home. But I will continue to be taking shorter trips as much as possible. Stay tuned!

My Fitness Journey

My fitness journey really began back in 2011. After I turned 21, I put on quite a bit of weight for the first time in my life. I was always skinny growing up so it was never something I had to think about. But I guess everyone’s metabolism slows down at some point. After seeing some photos on Facebook, I realized how much weight I had gained and I wasn’t happy with my body. It was time for a change.

At first, I started dieting. It was pretty extreme and restrictive. But, at the time, I was proud of myself and the pounds were slowly coming off. I also started exercising pretty obsessively. Every single day I would do cardio for an hour or two. My overall net calories were definitely lower than what they should have been and I was constantly thinking about food and exercise. I didn’t really have much of a life. Plus, looking back at photos, I did lose a lot of weight, but I didn’t look good. I had no muscle definition whatsoever.

Of course, this couldn’t last. I started overeating whenever given the opportunity and eventually, I stopped working out entirely. This is why I believe that diets don’t work. They aren’t maintainable and you don’t learn real-life skills, you just learn how to restrict.

This year, after coming back from an overindulgent trip to Thailand, I had once again put on some extra lbs. It wasn’t nearly as bad as before, but I was once again ready to make a change. I initially started restricting calories because it was the only thing I knew how to do. But one day I was looking through Instagram when I started seeing fitness photos with the #TIU hashtag. Out of curiosity, I ended up at the Tone It Up website where I learned how to eat intuitively and build a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet (read more about my TIU journey). Several months later, and I’m still doing this. I find that I can still enjoy life, go out to eat, and do all of the things I want without obsessing. On top of that, my health is better than it’s ever been! I used to be sick all the time, but now I’m able to fight off illness without taking a week or two off. My skin and hair are healthier than ever and I have more energy than ever. Of course, there are still struggles, but I’ve decided to start this blog to document my journey and share what I’ve learned.

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Feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or other feedback at danielle@shepowersthrough.com


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