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I read a ton of fitness/nutrition news every week so I figured why not share it all in one place? I don’t always agree with the findings and health research results are never black and white. Nonetheless, it’s always a fun read and you may just learn something new!

How much sugar is too much?

The FDA has declared a recommended cap of 50 grams of sugar a day for adults. In addition, they have plans to make nutrition labels start differentiating between added sugar and naturally occurring sugar. While I’m not a fan of processed foods in general, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Walking vs Running

A new study found that walking could actually be more beneficial for weight loss and weight maintenance than running. More proof that it’s simply not necessary to force yourself to be a running person.

“Skinny Fat” may be more deadly than obesity

The term “skinny fat” resurfaces and this time it’s deadly. Another study confirms that carrying weight around your midsection is dangerous for your health. This study also suggests that it could even be more dangerous for a skinny person with a fat stomach than a generally obese person.

Is working out harder really better?

Is our obsession with bootcamp and military style workouts healthy? Maybe not. While I don’t personally see anything wrong with it, this article makes a good point that you shouldn’t have to force yourself to do a workout you hate. You should find a workout you enjoy.

Do stronger legs mean a stronger brain?

A new study confirms previous findings that exercise works more than just your muscles. It can also improve brain health! Exercise your body and exercise your mind.


2 Comments on Health and Fitness News You Missed This Week

  1. Joseph says:

    I like your comment about not forcing yourself to be a running person. Aerobic fitness is very important (one of my favorite studies is linked below) but there are plenty of ways to accomplish that with less impact on your joints while still enjoying the outdoors. Running is fine for those who want to do it, but it’s not near the pinnacle of aerobic fitness it used to be made out to be.

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks! I completely agree. And joint impact is a good point. No one should have to be in pain when there are so many great low-impact workouts.

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